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Merchandise Description

Sensible Manage Induction Motor

Purposes: Widely utilised in fans, pumps, compressors, CNC device instruments and other industries. It’s in line with the existing craze of clever improvement of new products.

Standard Description

  • Frame dimensions: eighty to 132             
  • Rated output: .eighteen to 7.5kW
  • Voltage: 380V                          
  • Frequency variety: 25Hz or 100 Hz
  • Variety of poles: 2,4               
  • Insulation course: F
  • Diploma of protection: IP55       
  • Effectiveness stages: IE2

High Lights:
*Very -built-in
*Impartial model
*Best Services
*Wide Application
*Desirable Profile
*Compact structure
*Simple procedure


These sequence motor is various from common frequency variable motor. The motor and CZPT is very built-in as an organic and natural total, with small measurement, light weight, wide assortment of frequency conversion, steady overall performance and other positive aspects.

The Implication of the Image:

Item Description
Simple Control Perform Manage Open up-loop vector control(No PG), V/F handle
Max frequency Vector management:~300Hz
V/F handle: ~3200Hz
Provider Frequency   .5kHz~16kHz
Self-change frequency basing on the load characteristic 
  Input FREQ Resolution   Electronic location:.01Hz
Analog placing:max frequency×0.571%
  Begin Torque   .5Hz/150%  
  Velocity Range   one:one hundred  
  Continual Pace Precision   ±0.5%  
  Overload Ability   150% ranking present 60s180% rating existing 3s.  
  Torque Boost   AutomaticallyManually .1%~thirty.%  
  V/F Curve   three Modes:LinearMulti-pointN-th energy V/F curve(1.2 powers,1.4 powers,1.6 powers,1.8 powers,2 powers)  
  V/F Separation   two Modes:Total separation,Semi separation  
  ACC/DCC Curve   Linear or S curve ACC/DCC PTN.  4 time modes of ACC/DCC (Timer selection .~6500.0s)  
  DC Brake   DC braking frequency:.00Hz~Max FREQ  Braking time:.0s~36.0s 
Braking existing:.%~a hundred.%
  JOG Manage   JOG FREQ:.00Hz~fifty.00Hz. JOG ACC/DCC time variety .0s~6500.0s.  
  PLC,Multi-area pace   Max sixteen- part velocity procedure obtainable with developed-in PLC or terminal handle  
  Developed-in PID   Method near-loop handle program obtainable  
  AVR Perform   Routinely control the voltage to consistent output although the altering in the grid voltage.  
  Overcurrent /
overvoltage stalling
  Routinely limit the recent and voltage in the course of managing to stay away from repeated overcurrent /overvoltage excursion.  
  Current limiting function   Minimize overcurrent malfunction, make sure motor’s operation  
  TORQ Limitation    Automatically restrict the torque for the duration of working to avoid recurrent overcurrent journey.  

Type Energy
Eff.% P.F Torque
Variable Torque
Speed Selection
Consistent Output
Velocity Assortment
Rating Synchronous Speed   3000 r/min
YZNP2-80M1-2 .seventy five one.8 2855 seventy seven.4 .eighty two two.51 1500~3000rpm 3000~3600rpm 70
YZNP2-80M2-two 2.5 2870 79.six .eighty three three.sixty six 70
YZNP2-90S-two 1.5 three.three 2865 81.three .eighty four five.00 seventy four
YZNP2-90L-2 two.2 four.7 2870 eighty three.two .85 7.32 seventy four
YZNP2-100L-two 3 6.2 2875 84.six .87 ten. 78
YZNP2-112M-two four eight. 2910 eighty five.8 .88 80
YZNP2-132S1-2 five.5 10.9 2935 87. .88 17.9 83
YZNP2-132S2-two 7.5 14.5 2930 .89 24.four eighty three
Ranking Synchronous Pace  1500 r/min
YZNP2-80M1-4 .55 one.four 1430 79. .seventy five 3.67 750~1500rpm 1500~1800rpm 60
YZNP2-80M2-4 .seventy five 1.9 1425 79.6 .76 five.03 60
YZNP2-90S-four 2.7 1420 eighty one.4 .seventy seven seven.40 63
YZNP2–90L-four 1.five 3.five 1420 82.eight .seventy eight 10.1 sixty three
YZNP2-100L1-four 2.two five. 1430 eighty four.3 .80 sixty six
YZNP2-100L2-4 three 6.six 1430 85.five .eighty one 20. 66
YZNP2-112M-4 four 1450 86.6 .eighty one 26.three sixty eight
YZNP2-132S-4 5.5 11.six 1465 .82 35.9 73
YZNP2-132M-four seven.5 15.5 1465 .83 48.9 73

Sort Inverter Output Electricity(KW) Enter Current(A) Output Current(A)
YZNP2-80M1-two WN60-.75G-T-4 0.75 3.eight 2.5
YZNP2-80M2-two WN60-1.5G-T-four 1.5 5
YZNP2–90L-four WN60-1.5G-T-4 one.five five
YZNP2-90L-2 WN60-2.2G-T-four 2.two 5.eight 5
YZNP2-100L-two WN60-3.7G-T-4 3.7 10 9
YZNP2-112M-2 WN60-5.5G-T-four 5.five 15 13
YZNP2-132S2-2 WN60-7.5G-T-4 7.5 20 17

Technical specs of CZPT blower and brake for the motor

Motor Body eighty 90 100 112 132 a hundred and sixty one hundred eighty two hundred 225 250 280 315 355
Cooling Enthusiast (W)
30 42 fifty two fifty five 55 80 eighty one hundred fifty 200 230 320 seven hundred 700
.09 .16 .18 .eighteen .19 .26 .30 .six .6 .6 one.eight 1.9
Voltage Normal 380V, but blower of other voltage can be tailored based on user’s necessity.
Brake  (N·m)
Braking Torque
seven.5 fifteen 30 40 eighty a hundred and fifty 200 300 450 600 850 two hundred
Excitation Power
50 60 eighty 110 130 one hundred fifty one hundred fifty two hundred 200 210 340 four hundred
Excitation Voltage DC99,DC170
Encoder Incremental Encoder

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Polyphase motors can be both two-phase or 3-section motors. They function like single-phase induction motors, but equally single-section and polyphase motors run on a rotating magnetic discipline. Their rotating magnetic fields are produced by two- or a few-stage currents passing by way of two or far more sets of coils. The rotating magnetic field generates torque. Polyphase motors are utilized in purposes that demand high electricity, this kind of as the power drive of compressors, hydraulic pumps, air conditioning compressors, and irrigation pumps.
AC motors and equipment motors incorporate single-section motors for one-phase AC electricity and three-period motors for three-section AC electricity. A one-stage motor simply needs to be related to a one-stage electrical power source through the provided capacitors to operate. 3-stage motors do not demand capacitors. You simply connect the motor straight to the three-period AC power source. Dongfang Electrical provides a extensive variety of AC motors and equipment motors Constant or variable speed AC motors are obtainable with one or a few-section equipment and electromagnetic braking possibilities

China supplier Variable Frequency Induction Motor Smart All-in-One Integrated with VFD Controller AC Motor Electric Motors     near me supplier