China OEM FF030 12V DC Small Intelligent Robot Gear Motor with Hot selling

Product Description

From the initial joint to the fourth joint of the CZPT intelligent robot all use the Little Gear Motor , and the fifth and sixth joints of the light-weight-obligation robot could use the harmonic reducer. All the joints of heavy responsibility robots need to use a DC Gear Motor. On common, every CZPT smart robotic makes use of 12V Gear Motor.

DC Tiny Smart robot Gear MotorProduct Description:

Clever robotic Equipment Motor DC motor Voltage assortment: 3~twelve V    (eg:1.5V 3V 4.5V 6V 12V)

DC Tiny Gear Motor Speed selection: 32~2000 RPM

Gear Motor dimensions:fifteen.5 x 29.7mm

We have a good deal of diverse reduction ratio,Tie-in and diverse reduction ratio of the reducer, deceleration electrical likelihood to output different rotational pace,In addition to adjust the pace reduction ratio can modify the gear motor, you can alter the pace of the motor.

Reduction ratio table :(The “L” is Gear length ,the unit is “mm”)


The subsequent is 1 of the parameters:

Parameters of the model
r/min A r/min A mN.m W mN.m A
030BGR250-06400 twelve 53 .040 forty six .080 fifty three.nine 550 .26 274.four two.eight .33
030BGR250- 0571 6. 28 .571 24 .060 29.4 300 .07 147 1.5 .24
030BGR115- 0571 six. 76 .040 66 .080 19.six 200 .14 ninety eight one. .36
030BGR250-5710 twelve 60 .050 55 .one hundred 58.8 600 .34 411.six four.2 .fifty five
030BGR35- 0571 12 560 .080 440 .200 19.six 200 .90 98 1. .seventy eight
030BGR360- 0571 12 fifty eight .070 51 .one hundred fifty five ninety eight a thousand .fifty two 539 5.five .eighty two
030BGR86-09230 nine. 210 .060 one hundred eighty .a hundred and eighty 34.3 350 .65 176.four 1.8 .88
030BGR86-09210 6. 146 .065 122 .one hundred fifty five 24.five 250 .31 117.6 1.2 .sixty eight
030BGR360-10180 three. twenty .060 17 .130 forty nine 500 .09 245 two.5 .fifty
030BGR360-10180 six. 40 .080 35 .two hundred 98 a thousand .36 441 four.five .88
030BGR250-11155 3. 34 .065 twenty five .200 forty 450 .12 176.4 one.eight .62
030BGR150-11155 6. 120 .080 a hundred .230 49 five hundred .fifty one 274.four two.8 two.2
030BGR10-1485 three. 1500 .150 1100 .480 four.9 50 .56 19.6 .two one.sixty five

Our engineering section can give unique designs for various shaft length .

Packaging & Shipping and delivery:

Packaging Depth: standard export carton with internal foam in scenario of currently being destroyed.

 Delivery Depth: 20 days following obtaining the purchase and advanced payment of 30%.

Company manufacturing workshop:

We will test each motor, to ensure that clients get competent motor. Mechanization of generation to realize complete-automated, even more increase the production performance and steady item high quality.

We have 20 a long time of encounter in layout study and growth,Products in rigid accordance with the common creation in Japan, “the good quality initial, buyer supreme” is our administration policy.
As long as you place ahead demand from customers, we can advocate ideal motor goods for you, welcome to check with!

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China OEM FF030 12V DC Small Intelligent Robot Gear Motor     with Hot selling