Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Plates

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Plates

Item Description
96% Al2O3 Ceramic Substrate For Electronic Parts 

one.Large hardness
two.Really abrasive resistance overall performance
three.Light-weight excess weight
4.Broad scope of software

Alumina ceramic is Al2O3 as principal raw materials, in the exceptional metallic oxide as flux, special ceramic piece soon after a single thousand degrees large temperature roasting into.

Al2O3 ceramic alumina content is higher, the structure is fairly compact, with specific houses, it is acknowledged as the unique ceramics. The Al2O3. ceramic resources are densely arranged 6 celebration structure for oxygen ion and aluminum ion, crammed in two/three with 8 sides in the gap, which is the very same with organic corundum secure alpha Al2O3 composition, so the ceramics with substantial melting level, high hardness, good dress in – resistance.

Take a look at Merchandise/Unit Numerical Value Test Item/Device Numerical Value
Product Material Alumina Zirconia Solution Content Alumina Zirconia
Component Content  % ≥99% ≥95% ≥90% Volume Resistance  cm >1012 >1012 >1012
Sintering Temp  ºC 1780-1800 1650-1680 1550-2600 Bending Strength  Mpa 400 320 1100
Specific Gravity  g/cmthree ≥3.eight ≥3.six >6 Thermal Expansion Coefficient  *10° six.eight-8 six.2-eight.5 six.9-10
Breakdown Voltage Strength  kv/mm 15 15 fifteen Roughness  μm ≤0.eight ≤0.eight ≤0.8
Bibulous Rate  % <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 Mirror  Polished  Ra ≤0.05 ≤ ≤0.05
Anti Pressure  Mpa 3700 2400 5000 Thermal Conductivity  W/m-k twenty five twenty 2.5
Hardness  Hra ≥88 ≥82 ≥88 Temperature Resistance  ºC 1700 1600 1800


Physical houses: high insulation resistance, breakdown, large temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, large strength (a few meters altitude fall not damaged)
Hearth score: United states armed forces standard MIL-F-51058 (the optimum amount)
Normal software: powerful current, voltage, strong higher temperature components, IC MOS, IGBT electricity tube heat pipe insulation


normal organic and natural subject, the CZPTpean Union, exempt products CZPT certification supplies
Thermal conductivity: substantial temperature: 1600 levels underneath the excellent warmth insulating material of substantial voltage and higher frequency equipment 

Alumina ceramic is largely employed in big electricity gear, IC MOS tube, IGBT chip heat conducting insulation, large frequency electrical power offer, conversation, mechanical tools, robust present, substantial voltage, large temperature and other thermal warmth insulation areas want goods.
Physical homes: substantial thermal conductivity, higher voltage insulation resistance, substantial temperature resistant, abrasion resistant, substantial energy

Product  specifications:
Normal dimension and versions :

The TO-220, 1mm*13mm*19mm
The TO-three P, 1mm*20mm*25mm
The TO-264, 1mm*22mm*28mm
The T0-247, .635mm*17mm*22mm
Other non-standard merchandise can provide drawings of personalized processing 


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Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Plates