60 Tons of 600 Kn Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine

60 Tons of 600 Kn Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine

Microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo common screening equipment WAW-600E type

Relevant common
GB/T 2611-2007  JB/T 7406.1-1994  GB/T 16826-2008  GB/T 16825.one-2008  GB/T 22066-2008  JJG 139-1999  JB/T 6146-2007  JB/T 6147-2007  
GB/T 228.one-2571  GB/T 7314-2005  GB/T 232-2571

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Product short introduction 
This test machine is the classic functional model produced by our organization, and it is also the mainstream design marketed in the market place.
This examination machine is composed of large rigidity principal motor, electro-hydraulic servo power source, digital measurement and microcomputer management method.This screening device is made and created in accordance to GB/T 16826-2008 “electro-hydraulic servo common tests equipment”.The principal equipment is created with substantial rigidity, and every stressed portion is manufactured by finite component analysis, design and precision machining.The controller adopts a new generation of high-functionality, clever all-electronic controller, and the control software program adopts a combination of sophisticated measurement and control algorithms.It can specifically control the complete check method and totally meet the demands of domestic and international testing techniques for supplies.The oil source method adopts the load adaptive throttle velocity regulation system. According to the necessary test pressure of the method,Servo servo change technique force, decrease method heat and save vitality. The testing equipment is exact, potent, easy to work, stable and reliable.
The test device is used to test the bodily properties, mechanical properties, technological properties of various materials and their items below different environments and simulated situations.Structural seismic power and substance and ingredient internal and exterior flaws of critical instruments and tools. Can be concluded tensile, compression, bending, shear and other checks.
The screening machine can be extensively employed in universities, research institutes, testing establishments, aerospace, army, metallurgy, equipment production, transportation building, design supplies and other industries for precision Material study, substance evaluation, substance development and good quality handle.

CZPT attributes and positive aspects

  1. The look of the primary engine adopts streamlined physical appearance modeling design, the layout depth distribution of each and every part is reasonable, the surface area spray metallic paint, the overall mix is stunning and generous
  2. The principal motor adopts the below-cylinder composition, the top of the main engine is reduced, the examination place structure is affordable, and conforms to the ergonomic theory
  3. The worktable and the upper beam undertake the 4-column and double-direct screw construction, forming the large stiffness take a look at place
  4. The anti-use plate is established between the relative sliding portion in between the clamping jaw plate and the beam to make the clamping jaw plate transfer effortlessly and the sample clamping is organization and reliable, which is convenient for servicing and substitution right after lengthy-expression use.
  5. Circular arc or straight groove relationship kind is adopted in between clamp plate and clamp mouth, positioning is accurate and trustworthy
  6. The clamping of the sample adopts double sealed developed-in clamping cylinder, with tight seal and no oil seepage.
  7. The hydraulic method adopts the stress-big difference throttling velocity-regulating servo servo program. The operating strain of the method is immediately adjusted with the alter of load to reduce the system heating and help save power.
  8. Substantial stress oil pump and motor right connected structure, compact composition, sleek procedure, low sound
  9. Oil resource program is geared up with particular servo valve, substantial handle precision
  10. The load sensor is reasonably organized amongst the functioning desk and the piston to right examination the check force, so as to keep away from the impact of the hydraulic sensor on the examination outcome due to the piston friction of the cylinder and the alter of oil temperature.
  11. Large-functionality smart full electronic controller, with full digital PID regulation, coupled with impartial servo amplifier, measurement and control computer software and information acquisition and processing application, can attain test pressure, sample deformation, piston displacement shut-loop manage and sleek switching control method The technique is composed of a few signal conditioning units.Management signal generator device, servo valve travel device, servo oil resource control device, necessary I/O interface, software system, and so forth. Shut loop handle loop of the technique:The measuring sensor (load sensor, displacement sensor, deformation extender), servo valve, controller (each signal conditioning unit) and servo amplifier together sort a variety of closed loop control loops, recognizing the shut-loop management operate of examination drive, piston displacement of oil cylinder and sample deformation of the test equipment. With the exact same charge test power, the very same charge cylinder displacement, the very same rate strain and other management modes, and can achieve smooth switching manage mode, so that the technique has higher versatility. With community interface, it
  12. The multi-operate test application deal can examine and process the examination outcomes in accordance to the needs of diverse test strategies. With potent graphic operation perform, it can exhibit and attract take a look at curve and screen test data in real time, with features of curve scaling, graph amplification and interception, and cursor adhering to and exhibiting. VXDs higher-velocity data acquisition technology is adopted to understand multi-channel high-speed data acquisition. It can store comprehensive examination curve and take a look at information. It has the functions of one take a look at report output and batch check report output printing
  13. Security safety system: it has the safety purpose of overload of examination power, over setting, energy lower and piston achieving the restrict place.

Key parameter

Main Designs

Greatest check force (kN) 600
Drive variety one% ~ a hundred%FS (full range)
precision course Degree 1 or .5
Force resolution 400000 yards, the complete system is not divided, the resolution stays the same.
Deformation selection one% ~ 100%FS (entire selection)
Accuracy of deformation indication one% or + / – .five%
Deformation investigation ratio 2
Accuracy of displacement indicator 1% or + / – .5%
Pressure management velocity (Mpa/s) one~forty five
Pressure manage velocity (mm/s) .001~.five
Displacement handle speed (mm/s) .02~3
Reduce beam place adjustment sprocket feed
Stretch area (mm) 700
Compressed place (mm) 650
Successful width (mm) 525
Piston stroke (mm) 250
Host size (mm) 840×600×2130
Oil resource measurement (mm) 1200×600×750
Clamping diameter of spherical sample (mm) Φ20~Φ60
Clamping thickness of flat specimen (mm) 40
Weight (kg) 1750
Total electrical power (kW) two.5

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60 Tons of 600 Kn Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine